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What is the Fiduciary Oath?

Putting Your Interests First

Trust is the Foundation of Our Relationship.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and Independent Wealth Advisor at Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd., we have a fiduciary relationship with our clients. We believe in placing your best interests first, therefore, we are proud to commit to the following principles:

Trust is central to a successful financial planning relationship. You rely on our honesty, professionalism and abilities to pursue your life goals. When you know we take our professional obligations seriously and place principles over personal gain, we can form a good working partnership. The CFP Board’s strict Standards  of Professional Conduct are designed to ensure we act in a professionally responsible manner.

Personalized Advice
Your needs will be at the heart of all our recommendations. As a CFP® professional, we have an ethical obligation to act in your best interest when providing financial planning advice. We will use our experience and judgment to carefully consider your situation, and then give you advice that best meets your goals.

We have demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge to offer financial planning advice. The CFP® certification can help provide confidence that we have completed rigorous education and experience requirements — including consistent continuing education coursework — designed to ensure competence in financial planning.

Fair Treatment
Fair treatment means we will clearly state what services will be provided and at what cost. We will also explain the risks associated with all financial recommendations, along with any potential conflicts of interest.

Before engaging you as a client, we will discuss your goals and objectives and explain what you can expect from the relationship. Once we have determined that we can assist you, we will make recommendations suitable for you. As a diligent planner, we will reasonably investigate the products or services available and closely supervise any staff working with you.

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