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Your Unique Life. Our Guided Approach.

Financial Planning + Independent Advice.

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Thank you to all our Nurses, Doctors, First Responders, Military Personnel, and Essential Workers!!! You are America's Heroes!!!

Empowering You to Pursue Your Financial Dreams.

Would you go on an extended vacation or cross-country road trip without planning your destinations, hotel accommodations, spending budget, etc.? Of course not! So why do so many people approach retirement without a detailed plan to prepare for the expected and unexpected? My name is Anthony Veiga, Certified Financial Planner™ and Wealth Advisor of Stratos Wealth Management and I welcome the opportunity to help you and your family plan for retirement.

I am a fiduciary offering full-service, fee-based financial planning focused on helping hardworking professionals at any stage of life and wealth. While I’m located in Purchase, NY, I’m proud to work virtually with clients all over the country.

We have developed and refined a process to help our clients put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together. It’s a dynamic process that adapts as their lives unfold and their needs evolve. We call it our L.I.F.E. process:

L - Learn about what’s important to you and your family.

I - Investigate your entire financial situation.

F - Formulate a plan.

E - Execute the strategy.

Role We Play for Clients:

  • Source of knowledge – When you have questions, it’s our job to have answers.
  • Steward – Understand where you want to go, where you are now, the optimal path to take, pitfalls to avoid, etc.
  • Guardian – Making a commitment to protect the “future you”.

Outcomes We Deliver:

  • Equipped – A clear understanding of your current financial status – as well as your future goals.
  • Confident – “A Business Plan for Life” (personalized guidance and leadership through multiple “What if...?” scenarios based on your unique goals and lives.
  • Alignment – Your plan is fully aligned with what you want to accomplish.

How we do what we do. Our process is:

  • Dynamic – Our process will adapt as your lives change and your needs evolve.
  • Diligent – We have the expertise and vigilance to navigate a rapidly changing environment.
  • Disciplined – We remain focused on your goals and the strategies that deliver results.

I Serve People Who Value an Honest Relationship.

I collaborate with individuals and families who value transparency, honesty and direct solutions.

Your time is valuable and the financial challenges you face can be burdensome. Whether you’re managing large student loan debt or looking to start your own business, Stratos Wealth Management has the experience to help you make sense of your entire financial picture.



Do You Know the Key to a Rewarding Retirement?

No matter the profession, everyone’s greatest fear about retirement is running out of money. In my opinion, the most important and often overlooked factor in determining whether you will have a successful retirement is having a firm grasp on your spending in retirement.

I help clients develop retirement strategies with the goal of making their money last longer.

Fee Based Financial Planning for Any Profession

The sad reality is many financial advisors offer products and services to give you a “one size fits all” retirement plan approach.

That’s something I don’t believe in.

Instead, I work with my clients to develop personalized strategies centered around their unique needs. And, my fee-based philosophy means I am not incentivized to sell particular products or services, only what I believe is in your best interest.

Everyone's life goals and financial circumstances are unique and require individual attention. We will work with you to understand your individual situation and develop a customized plan that suits your individual needs and goals through all stages of life and wealth.

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In-Person & Virtual Financial Planning Services

In addition to providing in-person appointments, we’ve embraced technology and moved beyond a traditional office space. We’ve chosen to build a practice focused more on convenience and efficiency. We will work with you no matter where you are located in the country by using the latest communication technology. We can talk on the phone, do a video chat session, email, or we can meet face to face at our office in Danbury, CT. We are also available to meet in Rye Brook, NY by appointment only.

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Are Your Finances Keeping You Up at Night?

Financial Advice for All Stages of Life and Wealth

As a general practice we serve clients from all backgrounds and lifestyles. Our day-to-day work focuses on addressing and solving our clients most pressing needs from complex wealth transfer strategies to retirement planning to creating a realistic budget to start saving. We have a process that enables our clients to take deliberate actions to accomplish what's most important to them.

Learn more about how I can help you address all of your financial concerns.

Anthony Veiga Photo

Anthony Veiga

Managing Director | Wealth Advisor

Anthony has been in the financial services industry developing relationships with his clients since 2006. With an emphasis on continuing education, Anthony also earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, or CFP®, practitioner designation from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. For this designation, he had to complete approved educational programs, pass rigorous examinations and meet stringent experience and ethical requirements.

Anthony has a strong commitment to helping his clients pursue their financial goals. He believes the first step in serving his clients is listening to them, creating a collaborative financial planning process that results in defined expectations and a better understanding of personal financial management.

As a Wealth Advisor, Anthony has a process that enables him to improve his clients’ Return on Life by incorporating full financial planning to develop a strategy aimed at achieving their life goals coupled with providing the highest level of professional service.

It takes more than a single planning session to put your wealth to work in support of your life goals. It takes a process. As your life circumstances change, so must the financial strategies used to help keep you on course toward your objectives. These include investment, retirement, estate, insurance, and tax strategies created on a needs-based approach. We’ll continue to work together through the years to keep your strategies aligned with your goals and needs.

The last thing you need in your busy life is a complex web of financial relationships. As a Stratos Wealth Management client, you’ll enjoy the convenience and clarity of coordinating much, if not most, of your financial life through a single point of contact — Anthony Veiga.

Anthony was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. He relocated to Ridgefield. Connecticut in 2014 with his wife, Kelly, and two sons, Thomas and Michael. He received a BS in computer information systems from Manhattan College before going on to Northeastern University in Boston, where he attained both an MBA and MS in finance. Upon graduating, Anthony was selected for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, the international honor society for collegiate schools of business.

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The Stock Market Fluctuates.

I Will Help You Stay The Course.

Putting Your Mind At Ease

We help create restful nights for our clients knowing they have a plan that can render the market's ups and downs irrelevant to their future prosperity. More importantly we are your voice of reason during volatile times. Having a disciplined strategy in place to address your unique and specific goals is critical in avoiding many of the emotional mistakes investors make during turbulent times.

We are committed to providing a client-centered experience based on education. Money does not have to be complicated. By teaching you about the financial markets and our principled approach, you can feel confident in your ability to make sound decisions that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Our streamlined process helps you focus on the things that matter most so you can enjoy your life more. Together, we create a thoughtful plan that gives you the best odds of realizing your most important life goals.

Tuning Out the Noise

Let us help you focus on your destination so you can enjoy the ride.

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